League of Legends 13.17 Patch Notes Rundown

Hi there ! Welcome to CDK COACHING’s first Patch Notes Rundown. The goal is to analyse every patch notes as soon as they are announced so we can see how the changes are going to affect everyone’s experience on the Summoners Rift. Every rundown will be made by a high elo player and coach to have different but also accurate opinions on the changes. Today it’s Chaddouk who’s on duty, let’s go !

If you want to look at in yourself on the side, here’s Riot’s official 13.17 patch notes link.

League of legends patch 13.17 : Champion Buffs, Nerfs and Adjustments

Patch notes 13.17 Rundown

Aatrox (adjustment)

Patch 13.17 Aatrox

Interesting change on Aatrox, I think that’s straight up an up making him able to go for tankier options when needed.

Akshan (adjustment)

Patch 13.17 Akshan

Nothing crazy here. At lvl 18 he gets 51 more HP, 8.5 more armor but 8.5 less AD. In terms of realtive value he probably gets a bit more than he loses tho.

Blitzcrank (adjustment)

Patch 13.17 Blitzcrank

No more Blitz Jungle, No clue why they though it was a good idea in the first place.

Elise (buff)

Patch 13.17 Elise

It might make her terrifying at higher elos when you see how some players (like agurin) are already performing on her, while making her more viable in lower elos.

Gnar (buff)

Patch 13.17 Gnar

Even if Riot says that Gnar has been having issues performing in soloQ and pro-play, it’s still a champion that is picked a good number of times and is a good blind pick in both situations. Not sure if that buff was necessary.

Hecarim (adjustment)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Hecarim

Very specific adjustment, he gets two ups with being able to build something else than an early tear and manamume and also shojin buff, we’ll see if the nerf on W will be enough to compensate.

Kayn (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Kayn

Good thing they nerfed his W. Not gonna lie when I would queue jungle for fun I’d go Kayn and it did feel a bit overpowered.

Kha’zix (nerf)

League of legends Patch Kha'Zix.

Slight nerf on Kha’zix, why not.

Kindred (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Kindred

This is good. Especially in higher elos it just felt like Kindred was too big of a menace on so many aspects. She scales hard while still being strong early, she can gank well, dive, kill tanks easily, but squishies also. Nerf deserved.

Lux (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Lux

Haven’t seen Lux mid in a million years, why pick her when you can go for Xerath ? Hope this brings her back as she’s such an iconic champion.

Naafiri (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Naafiri

Haven’t seen enough of Naafiri to have an opinion on that one, I’ll trust Riot here (terrible idea most of the time hahah)

Orianna (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Oriana

Makes sense, weak situational champ, rarely seen, gets a slight buff, balancing the game done right.

Quinn (adjustment)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Quinn

They call it adjustment but all I see is a nerf, the hp she gets is not going to make her significantly tankier (unless she builds armor, which she doesn’t want to), while the damage nerf seems significant.

Samira (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Samira

Fine buff imo, yes she is very scary when enabled but it’s very hard to make her function, hope this helps her a bit.

Tryndamere (adjustment ???? IT’S AN INSANE BUFF)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Tryndamere

As a Tryndamere OTP I can 100% guarantee you they he is getting a nerf soon. Riot loves to call buffs or nerfs « adjustments ». Let me put it this way, an auto-attacker gets 5% less ad at level 1, for 40% MORE ATTACK RANGE. 40 PERCENT. OMAGAD.

Twisted Fate (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Twisted Fate

Same than for Orianna, pushing up and underpicked/underperforming champ can’t be bad for balance.

Vex (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Vex

Same here than for Ori and TF.

Vi (adjustment)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Vi

They want to make Vi more of a Bruiser and less of a Tank or Assassin, hard to say if they succeeded before seeing the changes in action.

Xerath (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Xerath

YES RIOT GOOD DESERVED. The Xerath buffs were a bit too much, hope this makes him more fair to face.

Xin Zhao (adjustment)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Xin Zhao

Pushing Xin into building more Hp, why not.

Zoe (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Zoe

Haven’t seen Zoe in ages, these buffs seem fine.

Patch 13.17 : Item Buffs, Nerfs and Adjustments

Bloodthirster (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Bloodthirster

Decent nerf on BT making it less good of a stomping item, deserved imo.

Draktharr (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Draktharr

Draktharr has been the go-to item for any lethality user for a few patches now, also being the second most picked mythic after Triforce last patch, the nerf was inevitable.

Evenshroud (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Evenshroud

You know an item is too strong when you see junglers (maokai, ivern etc..) building a support item, fair nerf.

Goredrinker (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Goredrinker

Both buffing Goredrinker and nerfing Duskblade on the same patch, I think we’re going to witness a slight shift on the meta regarding toplane and jgl champions. More hp less damage, Riot is sticking to their durability patch.

Immortal Shieldbow (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Shieldbow

I almost never see this item being built, so I’m calling deserved and fair.

Spear of Shojin (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Shojin

Very few champions build this (mostly Jax and Hecarim, and then some versions of Jarvan), hope this brings it up as an option for other champs while not making it crack-broken for its current users.

Statik Shiv (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Statikk

Hahahha how many times have they changed statikk already. Fair nerf but still everyone is gonna build it for some reason.

Stridebreaker (buff)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Stridebreaker

Garen happy.

Patch 13.17 : Runes

Future’s market (nerf)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Future's market

This rune was able to compensate a bit too much for Jungle mistakes and let them reach their powerspikes, I think this nerf is healthy for the game.

Patch 13.17 : Systems

Catchup experience (GOOD)

League of legends Patch 13.17 Catchup experience

And this is VERY healthy for the game, we’ve seen some crazy situations where 1 camp would give the losing jungler almost a full level of experience before patch 13.17.

Dragon patience

League of legends Patch 13.17 Dragon patience

Follows the logic of making the game more accessible and easy to understand, while making leashing it easier, it might give a slight buff to Red Side, not sure about this one.


Riot hits us with a pretty big patch here. Mostly two thematics : bringing more durability to the game and straight-up balancing champions that were either too weak or too strong. Nothing crazy tho, I think the biggest change would be the Tryndamere one, can’t wait to test it. See you soon for another article or next patch rundown, and if you have any question feel free to ask it on the Discord.

Much love.



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