This page will be regularly updated in order to document the evolution of CDK Coaching. Where it comes from, where it is now, and the direction it’s taking for the future 



13/06/2022 : random content creator wannabe (Chaddouk) decides that giving to the community is the best way of building an audience. Decides to offer 100 free coaching to double his twitch followers, posts it on Reddit gets 100 players interested in 3 days, POG

14/06/2022 : Chaddouk calls his friend Tominatus because he needs to create a Discord server in order to do his coachings but he has no idea how to do it. The server is born, the coachings can start ! \o/ (join now)

08/07/2022 : Frappii joins the project ! After being shown the server and its purpose, he sees an opportunity to partner up and to widen the coaching services that we can provide. Pro player in the team, poggers

11/07/2022 : @Frappii brings @Horus in, who in just a few days restructures the Discord and makes it ready to grow. With the team getting bigger every members’ ambitions add up. We decide to create a whole new coaching platform and find ways to scale and make it profitable, while always giving out value for free

14/09/2022 : Official commercial launch !!

CDK Coaching becomes fully active on Discord, with offers defined for each coach. All coaches will follow two basic guidelines : providing coaching that gives you value in the long term, and offering an introduction session to every student.

08/12/2022 : after being burnt out a bit from doing all of this while having a 9-6 job, Chaddouk is back at it and partners with Anomalie Design to define the artistic direction and the logo.

29/12/2022 : And with a dev to build a website



Website is ready ! It’s in its early days so every piece of feedback is appreciated. Now it’s time to let the world know and build an army of high quality coaches



We will perma look into growing in terms of quality of service, community and coaches active on the platform. A company is being created (located in France) and a few experienced entrepreneurs are helping us grow in order to provide value to a maximum number of players. Many things will come that we haven’t even thinked about yet. We are passionate and dedicated, our imagination will be the limit. We’d love to build a collective intelligence here so feel free to share your ideas and suggestions !