Chaddouk Coach League of Legends Fr


After years of living a very destructive (yet fun) student life, full of drugs, alcohol and overall instant gratification with no clear goals in life, Chaddouk took his first steps in performance around 2018 and since then managed to reach top 1000 (0.05% of the playerbase) for multiple years on the most competitive e-sport game out there, while :

Getting a master’s degree in France
Becoming a successful salesman
Becoming a sales manager
Becoming a corporate sales coach
Teaching at a college level
Being offered to become the Dean of his own campus
All of that at age 25

He decided to refuse the latter opportunity to follow his passion : direct coaching, at first on League of Legends, then in E-sports, then to anyone with a clear goal and a strong will to do better.

Chaddouk brings his years of experience as a teacher and as a coach plus the fact that he went from basically doing nothing to becoming high performing himself to the table, in order to create the best structure to help you become a beast.


Frappii has lived his whole life in high performance. Looking to follow the path of his older brother who was an e-sport pro player at the time, he started developing an intense learning discipline at the age of 6 and playing his first competitive games at the age of 8.

At 22 years old, he has 15 years of experience in high performance. As you can expect, this is more than enough time to have known and experienced all the dowsides of aiming for the highest level possible : doubts, burn outs, the feeling of not being enough since there is always someone better to compare to..

He also learned throughout the years to overcome these challenges and have now understood the importance of knowing yourself since some answers are going to be yours, and only yours.

He will, through experience help you understand yourself, and make the best of it. Some achievements : 

15 years in e-sports
Competed in 4 different games
Rank 5 Europe in League of Legends (top 0.0003%)
Giga chad physique after 1 year of gym
Playing as a sub at the League of Legends World Championship