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For : Chaddouk

I’ve worked with quite a few coaches recently and almost all of them repeated the same advice that you could find from watching a single Neace video. Chaddouk was the first coach that was able to help me widen my perspective on the game. You can tell from his coaching that his priority is making […]


For : Chaddouk

I didn’t notice this channel, and by the gods I owe this man a review! Chaddouk was super helpful. When you go to the doctor, you tell them what hurts, and they tell you not just how to make it hurt less but what other things you do exacerbated the pain. Chaddouk did just that: […]


For : Frappii

Got a D3 jungle coaching with Frappii today. First off–he was very patient while I fumbled around trying to figure out why my replay wasnt working. Some coaches can have an « I don’t really want to be here » tone when any inconvenience pops up so it was nice to feel like he really actually wanted […]


For : Frappii

Frappii was really good at pointing out my mistakes, why they were mistakes, and what I could’ve done better or different. He was great at answering any questions I had and was very patient. One thing I love that he did was at the end he briefly went over what we had talked about.


For : Chaddouk

Chaddouk was really helpful in pointing out what my headspace should be at and helped me to break down what I should be working on. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I highly recommend people to have a session with him.

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For : Frappii

The session with mr frappii was a vod review it was so useful he highlighted many mistakes i was doing as jungler and gave me some tips how to improve my mental and decision making i would recommend booking a session