League of Legends 13.19 Patch Notes Rundown

Hi there ! Welcome to CDK COACHING’s Patch Notes Rundown. The goal is to analyse every patch notes as soon as they are announced so we can see how the changes are going to affect everyone’s experience on the Summoners Rift. Every rundown will be made by a high elo player and coach to have different but also accurate opinions on the changes. Today it’s Chaddouk who’s on duty, let’s go !

If you want to look at in yourself on the side, here’s Riot’s official 13.19 patch notes link.

League of legends patch 13.19 : Champion Buffs, Nerfs and Adjustments

Patch 13.19 All

Azir (nerf)

Patch 13.19 Azir

Azir is and will always be be an insanely difficult champion to master and pull-out in SoloQ, and even more with that nerf. But he’s been very present in pro-play for his versatility and consistency recently so I think this nerf is deserved and will bring more variety in World’s picks.

Briar (nerf/adjustment)

Patch 13.19 Briar

It’s small and blurry on purpose, champ is new and yet to be mastered and balanced, I won’t really focus on it.

Galio (buff)

Patch 13.19 Galio

Galio’s R can be game-changing especially in pro-play, that’s why it has such a high cooldown. Reducing it by 20 seconds will make it so Galio has it for every single important fight once he has a bit of CDR and that the champion can fit in some very specific hard engage comps, or as a peeler.

Gankplank (buff)

Patch 13.19 Gp

I think GP buff can be deserved, but buffing his ultimate might not be what brings him back on the scene. His « weak » laning phase is what keeps him away from pro play I think so if it says un-touched we won’t see this pirate too much.

Jhin (buff)

Patch 13.19 Jhin

Deserved and it might still be not enough, Jhin is not a champion and hasn’t been for too long imo (unless you pair him with Xerath).

LeBlanc (nerf)

Patch 13.19 LeBlanc

Thank you for not letting LeBlanc Statikk/Hull/Trinity Force make it to Worlds.

Lee Sin (buff)

Patch 13.19 LeeSin

Buffing Lee jungle while preemptively nerfing Lee Sin Mid/Top. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Lissandra (buff)

Patch 13.19 Lissandra

It might be too much power given to Lissandra considering that she’s been buffed already not that long ago (in patch 13.14)

Nunu (buff)

Patch 13.19 Nunu


Pyke (buff)

Patch 13.19 Pyke

I really like to see Pyke in Pro-play since it calls for more dynamic/aggressive drafts and gameplans. They are calling W buff to help him in tough lanes but I think it will just make his roams faster and more efficient.

Rek’Sai (nerf)

Patch 13.19 Rek'sai

Deserved imo, just an overperforming champion getting adjusted, nothing crazy to see here.

Renekton (nerf)

Patch 13.19 Renekton

Reducing a bit Renekton’s ability to be first picked because of the threat of a Kennen counter pick mostly. Still we’re gonna see a ton of K’sante vs Renekton top matchup during worlds I believe.

Syndra (buff)

Patch 13.19 Syndra

Extra Q damage is a big deal for Syndra since it’s the spell she’s throwing on casters to get prio. We’ll see if it helps her one-shot casters earlier in the game. If yes, it’s a big buff even if it’s only 5 dmg.

Twitch (buff)

Patch 13.19 Twitch

Pretty cool buff if you ask me since they’re buffing something that’s completely specific to the champion and not just ad/ap ratios or cooldowns. Not gonna change much the state of the champion tho.

Zeri (nerf)

Patch 13.19 Zeri

Ok why not, now pls ban scripters thank you.

Patch 13.19 : Item Buffs, Nerfs and Adjustments

Randuin’s Omen (buff)

Patch 13.19 Randuin's

As a Tryndamere main I’m crying right now. I already didn’t like that Kog’maw, Vayne or Kalista for example could buy this as a 4th item and be unkillable while still having enough damage, now it’s gonna be 300g cheaper. I just think it’s too strong defensive stats are not in a bad state at all and shouldn’t be what’s buffed in the game IMO.

Seeker’s Armguard (buff)

Patch 13.19 Seeker's

This is going to be very strong if rushed, enjoy playing AD mid now (20 ad is a lot if it’s built early in the game).

Statikk Shiv (nerf)

Patch 13.19 Statikk

I don’t even wanna talk about it, ever since Statikk has been implemented in the game it has been touched every single patch. Just delete the item if you can’t balance it ty.


Not that big of a patch for worlds which I think is sane for competitiveness. Maybe Lee Sin, Galio and GP (?) will be more present while we might a see a bit less Azir picks. Other than that nothing crazy, I think the game is fairly balanced for worlds and I can’t wait to see what the different title pretenders have been cooking in scrims. See you soon for another article or next patch rundown, and if you have any question feel free to ask it on the Discord.

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